Esmas Essiac

The Origin of Essiac

Essiac’s roots trace back to an Ojibway Native American medicine man in remote northern Canada. Rene Caisse, a humble nurse, learned the herbal recipe that would become Essiac from an elderly patient who had successfully cured breast cancer using these natural ingredients.

Nurse Caisse’s Clinic

In her clinic in Bracebridge, north of Toronto, Rene Caisse treated hundreds of cancer patients, often charging little or nothing for her services. Despite harassment from health authorities, she persisted, cultivating herbs, brewing the tea, and administering it orally to those in need.

Controversy and Harassment

Throughout her decades-long journey, Rene Caisse faced relentless opposition from the Canadian Health Ministry and a private corporation she hoped would legitimize Essiac Tea as a legal cancer cure. Her story is one of courage, resilience, and a commitment to helping suffering humanity.

Conditions for Treatment

By 1937, Rene Caisse agreed to treat cancer patients under strict conditions: only terminally ill patients, collaboration with an established medical doctor for prognosis and diagnosis, and no fees for her services. These terms allowed her to continue her life-changing work.

Public Awareness Challenges

Despite countless success stories, the general public remained unaware of Essiac Tea due to legal threats and interference from the pharmaceutical industry. Attempts to shed light on Essiac were met with legal action or intimidation, leaving this natural remedy largely in the shadows.

The Eight-Herb Controversy

Pharmaceutical companies backed research on an eight-herb variation of the original four-herb Essiac recipe, leading to confusion and misinformation. Genuine Essiac, with its four herbs, is a simple, affordable, and effective solution that anyone can brew at home.

True Essiac Brewing

The only way to experience Essiac’s benefits is to brew it at home using herbs sourced from Canada’s organic origins. With a straightforward daily routine—1 ounce mixed with 4 ounces of boiled, distilled, or spring water on an empty stomach—Essiac stands as a natural and accessible cancer treatment.

Beyond Cancer: Essiac’s Other Benefits

While renowned for its cancer-fighting properties, Essiac offers numerous health benefits. As the best preventive measure available, it enhances overall well-being and stands as a testament to the enduring power of natural remedies.

Note: Essiac is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with organ transplants, or those with brain tumors over 2 1/2 cm. It is also advised to avoid statins.

Embrace Essiac: Nature’s Healing Touch for a Healthier Tomorrow.

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